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The Team


Gary Shepherd


Gary had a vision when he bought this neglected farm land. He noticed it had a lot of maple trees... he had always wanted to learn about making maple syrup. With a background in farming and machine repair and a determined work ethic, he has transformed the land. He chose to plant 2000 baby maple trees for the next generation with more to come. Not only did he see maple syrup being produced here but plenty of room for a garden making Bonz Beach Farms the "GoTo" place for produce in our town and the surrounding area. Gary's outgoing personality makes him a perfect fit for the business. You won't find a nicer person who is always willing to help out a neighbor.


Dave Morgan

Operations Manager

     Dave is a life-long resident of Onaway who  worked as a lineman before his retirement several years ago.  His family's land is now part of the farm and syrup operation. Dave is always ready to pick vegetables for our customers upon request. Dave helps to weed the garden and hoop houses, picks tomatoes, carrots, beets, squash and garlic. He is in charge of watering our crops in the heat of summer and washes the lettuce when it is cut. He handles a lot of the heavy work on the farm along with Gary. During syrup season, he has the very important role of making sure our syrup is at the proper sugar content by measuring its viscosity with a hydrometer. Syrup isn't syrup until Dave says it is! Dave is a valuable member of our Bonz Beach Farms crew.


Sue Madden

Quality Control & Marketing

Sue was a biology and physical science teach for 39 years, so it was an easy transition to helping at Bonz Beach Farms. She loves being outside so weeding the garden and hoop houses is a frequent summer job. Her science background and questioning nature helps her to learn quickly about farming and maple syrup production. Over the past 9-10 years her responsibilities have grown to being an integral part of the business. Helping to manage the Facebook page and the website. Keeping things clean is Sue's top priority. She handles product labeling, gift baskets and the packaging of products for mailing. Sue keeps everything organized and visually appealing. She helps to sell our produce and syrup at the Rogers City Market and bags all the lettuce. In winter, she loves being in the woods helping to change taps and check the lines for squirrel bites. Maple season is a rush of activity that keeps Sue busy. She is viewed as a valuable member of the Bonz Beach Farms crew and is able to offer advice and solutions to problems .

Community Volunteers

Bonz Beach Farms could not be successful without ongoing support from this wonderful community! Thank you for continuing to grow with us!  

"We work for food." 


Sox & Sandals

Pest Control & Farm Security

Sox and Sandals are lovable characters who are shy around those they don't know but ready to get a daily scratch when we come to get the eggs or care for the chickens. They make sure the barn remains mice free and love to lie in the sun during the summer months.

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